Homebrew- Ultimate Vehicle Tuner

Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox- Ultimate Vehicle Tuner

What Is Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox?

Homebrew is an early access physics based vehicle sandbox where you pretty much can build any type of vehicle you want.  From land, sea, air and just plain crazy contraptions.  The game has a more “realistic” feel and look to it then it’s counterparts such as Scrap Mechanic,   Terra Tech, and Robocraft.  On December 14, 2015 the makers of Homebrew, Copybugpaste, released a major update HB14.  In addition to improved graphics and physics the major change was their vehicle tuning system.

A Tuning System Like No Other

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While some vehicle building games allow for some tuning and customization nothing really comes close to their approach.  With that comes a steep learning curve but the reward is full control and customization of your creation.  Although on the Unity gaming engine, those familiar with Unreal may see some similarity to their use of a “Kismit” or “Blueprint” interface.

You want to put a wheel on and call it good?  Not so fast you will need to consider things like wheel scale, width, suspension distance, suspension force, suspension dampening, forward friction…you get the idea!   While daunting at first this provides the builder with the ultimate control over their creation.  Almost every functional part can be adjusted in the tuner.

What about ABS breaks?  Or an automatic transmission system?  Short answer is “yes.”  It hasn’t taken the growing community long to push the envelope of this new system.  When interviewed the developers indicated they had no idea these things could even be made.

Automatic Transmission System


What Can You Make?

Well this is the ultimate vehicle sandbox game as you pretty much any vehicle you can think of.  With a vehicle skinning system that you can bend and shape the community has generated very realistic looking vehicles to creations out of this world.  Add in the new tuning system and we are already seeing some incredible land, air, and sea vehicles.  Here is just a small sample of what is coming out of the new HB14 system.

Chevy Impala


Hover Jet

F4U Corsair

Rock Climber


Survarium- Another Indie Team Getting it Right

Survarium is being brought to us by Vostok Games based out of the Ukraine.  Their mission-

To create games that broaden the limits of the human experience that raise current questions of our time. These are questions of science, ecology, relationship of human and nature, cruelty, inventiveness of modern civilization, and, certainly, spirituality.

Having played Survarium off and on now for several months I have enjoyed watching the game mature and develop.  As with any early access game there are going to be hiccups, adjustments, setbacks, and achievements.   With the latest update the games matchmaking system is working really well and rounds feel balanced, intense, and most of all fun!

What impresses me the most however is their use of the free-to-play model.   We have seen the supposed free-to-play model abused in some circumstances (i.e. incredibly long grinds, etc.) and so far this does not seem to be the case with Survarium.   Earning in game currency (Rubles) does not feel tedious and you earn plenty to spend on some of the most detailed, creative, and just “cool” looking character gear.

Because they have taken this balanced approach it tells me something about them, their values, and their support for their community.   I have and will contribute real currency to this game to support this team not because I need to but because I want to see them succeed.

Vostok Games you are getting it right with Survarium…keep it up!

Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox- New Camera & Monitor System Very Creative & Just Fun!

Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox is set to come out November 14, 2014 on Steam.  I have had the opportunity to try out the Steam version (still will be updated before release) and I am having a blast.  They have added a couple new parts and features to include a camera/monitor system that is not only very creative but incredibly fun as well.

This new feature will provide players with even more flexibility to create some incredible vehicles and expand on the multiplayer experience.   Want to send a drone out to recon the landscape or maybe take out an opposing player?  Go for it! Want to build a multistage rocket that you can control from the ground?  Go for it!

I think we will see some incredible vehicles being built and some very creative ways in which those vehicles will be used.